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Web Site for Lucky Munchkin, Natural Parenting Blog & Shop

The challenge: Create an e-commerce site for niche market shop & blog

Lucky Munchkin is a blog and e-commerce shop. The idea behind this unique brand is the site owner will create content relevant to a community of natural-minded parents, and that content will draw in visitors that may be looking for natural alternatives to regularly used products. The shop also contains hand-made gifts for all occasions. 

The blog was created as a place where parents can quickly search for data about different styles of parenting, nutrition & diet, pharmaceuticals/vaccinations and a number of other hot topics amongst the parenting community. The blog serves as an educational space where parents and guardians can have an open, non-judgmental conversation about various and often controversial topics. In talking about these things, often times products are reviewed and/or suggested, which prompted the need for a storefront. Here Pastiche designed an e-commerce site and blog space to foster a dialog around kid-centered topics. 

The logo uses a soft, subtle color palette and is playful in nature. Including a lucky clover is reminiscent of the popular childhood pastime to search for four-leaf clovers. The finished design is whimsical in nature, and mostly hand-rendered.

The end result is a professional site that will house articles on various topics with links to affiliated stores, as well as a shop of hand-made goods.