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New Web Site for Dr. Landry, Covington OBGYN

The challenge: Create a personal online identity for Dr. Landry that is separate from his joint practice

Dr. Nick Landry is an OBGYN servicing St. Tammany and surrounding parishes. While most of the community has come to know Dr. Landry for his individualized obstetrics and gynecology care for women, many are not aware he also treats men. Dr. Landry was interested promoting his lesser-known services such as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for men. To overcome general opinion that his office only sees female patients, Pastiche balances a neutral color palette and professional photography with well-written copy.

Dr. Landry is a tennis shoe aficionado, so we were inspired by his shoes when creating the color palette of muted purple with pops of a bright, highlighter yellow-green. The staff at Dr. Landry’s office is very close knit and their love and respect for their boss is evident. Many of his employees have been with him for several years. Since turnover is very low, I wanted to use his staff on the site. We held a professional photoshoot with this team and utilize those images throughout.

Dr. Landry also wanted to attract new patients, especially younger patients that he could see throughout their youth, when they start their families and through menopause. Pastiche created a place where his existing patients could share their reviews, allowing them to share their experiences and love for Dr. Landry. We also incorporated an online nursery. This idea was inspired by Dr. Landry’s office where the walls are adorned with beautiful photos of babies he has delivered. The online nursery allows new doting mothers to show off their little ones, while also sharing their birth story.¬†

The end result is a professional, very custom web site with a lot of graphics to complement the content.