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Founded in 2006, Pastiche is a full-service creative agency committed to delivering affordable solutions for web design, company branding and creative marketing. People trust us because we listen carefully, think deeply and believe knowledge inspires innovation. Independently owned, we deliver results through intentional design and by building positive connections between brands and consumers.


Our artistic approach is logical, yet creative. We view corporate design as much more than producing pretty brochures. It involves the deeper means of exchanging a message; through imagery and written words it evokes an emotion. Your company’s brand should visually represent you, while subtly communicating your mission and values.


Pastiche helps clients understand their unique strengths and define their value proposition. We take these ideas and artistically translate them into an identity that effectively communicates across your targeted audience. Finding the true essence of a brand allows us to communicate and visualize an emotive response.


We captivate your audience and deliver the results you need to grown through targeted solutions customized for your brand. Using analytics, Pastiche measures performance and continually fine-tunes our marketing efforts. Understanding your audience’s behavior and adapting to those changing needs is how we keep your brand relevant.

Our Work

Below is a sample of some of our work. Use the categories below to browse through projects and learn more about what we’ve accomplished. While new projects are added from time to time, this only represents a small sample of what we’ve worked on. If you are looking for specific types of samples, please email us to request those and we will provide additional photos for your review. Additional inspiration can be found on our Instagram.


We are active listeners. Our process begins by getting to know your industry, products, services and goals, and by identifying your challenges. Using that information, we brainstorm concepts with a commitment to evolving and refining them into a plan of action.


We formulate a plan to guide you towards achieving your goals, while offering expertise to overcome obstacles that may have hindered your growth in the past. Whether you’re a startup or a well-known brand, we identify your audience and put you in front of them.


Once our plan is executed, we study interactions between your brand and consumers making adjustments as needed. Analyzing data a well-optimized campaign provides is the only way our efforts can become a working, living, evolving tool essential to supporting your brand’s growth.

A Few Satisfied Clients...

What Our Clients Say

  • “Lara’s experience and creativity in marketing has been an asset to Exterior Designs, Inc. She designed and updates our website, sends out blasts and other informational tidbits to current and potential customers. She is always willing to help with any of our marketing questions. And she always comes through. We think she is outstanding.”

    Beverly Katz
    Owner, Exterior Designs, Inc.
  • “Lara has done an amazing job working with my clients to help build their brand to the next level. It is great to be able to have a passionate person to work with and not just a commercial company. Her knowledge of building websites and creative drive makes her unique to the business! Thank you Lara!”

    headshot of Judy Marcev of Social Savvy Connect in Covington, LA
    Judy Marcev
    Owner, Social Savvy Connect
  • “Having worked with Lara on a few projects, I find her to be knowledgeable, approachable and intuitive. Her business sense is strong and centers on her clients. There is no concern too small to address. Working with Lara is always a pleasure.”

    Jackie Milan headshot | Exterior Designs, Inc.
    Jackie Milan
    Exterior Designs, Inc.